18 teachers of this district of Bihar sacked, more than 300 teachers are in danger



The Education Department’s baton has run on the teachers reinstated on fake certificates. In the investigation of the Surveillance Investigation Bureau, after the certificates of 18 teachers were found to be fake, an FIR has been lodged in the concerned police station after sacking them. Along with this, the education department has also issued an order to refund the total salary taken by them so far.

District Education Officer Sanjay Kumar Choudhary and Establishment DPO Dilip Kumar Singh said that according to the report given after investigation by Inspector-cum-Investigator Gaya Prakshetra Lal Mohammad, Police Inspector-cum-Investigator of the Monitoring Investigation Bureau, Patna Region, all the concerned police stations should be employed on fake certificates in the area. An FIR has been lodged against the teachers.

Nine teachers of block area registering case number 267/21 in Nardiganj police station area, one teacher registering case number 549/21 in Meskaur police station area, three teachers registering Sirdala police station case number 545/21, scandal in Govindpur police station area An FIR has been lodged against four teachers by registering number 287/21 and one teacher by registering Sitamarhi police station case number 380/21.

Along with this, orders have also been given to sack them and refund the total salary taken so far. According to the information, more than 300 teachers of the district are on the radar of the Surveillance Investigation Bureau. Soon there is a possibility of taking action after completing the process of verification of their certificates.



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