33 headmasters will be removed in Bihar within 7 days, know what is the reason



33 headmasters of the district, who got promotion on the basis of fake certificates, are still working in the same post in schools. His degree has been proved invalid several months ago. After dragging for a long time, questions were being raised that why the department has not taken action against these people till now. Now the District Education Officer said on Wednesday that these people will be removed in a week.

At the end of 2020 itself, complaints were received against some headmasters that they are doing jobs as headmasters on the basis of illegal degrees. After this the matter was investigated on the basis of the complaint, in which the complaint was found to be true. After this, these headmasters were asked to present their side, but most of the people did not present their side. Some people put it the wrong way.

Got promotion in 2015

It may be noted that in 2015 itself, about two hundred teachers of the district were promoted. Questioning the degree of 33 of these teachers, it was complained that these teachers have given wrong information to the department after doing PG from centers located in Bihar of other states and have taken advantage of it. The degree of these headmasters is not valid. In fact, while working in government service and living within the state of Bihar, through distance education through distance education by the franchisees of those institutions, have obtained post-graduation qualification from educational institutions or universities outside the state and it is not recognized by the UGC.

Teachers did not get promotion in 2018

In 2018, a similar issue of promotion came to the fore, when teachers were not promoted. Regarding this, the District President of the Primary Secondary Teachers Association, Shekhar Gupta had complained to the DM, why discriminate against these teachers. On this, the then DPO Sanjay Kumar had called it wrong citing the rule of UGC and during that time the promotion was not received.

Bhagalpur District Education Officer Sanjay Kumar said, ‘The report was sought, but the report did not come. Because of this it was getting postponed. Taking action on this in a week, they will be removed from the post. These people got promotions but did not get financial benefits. Therefore, the salary will not be recovered from them.

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