7 pairs of flights flying from Patna airport to these cities were closed



On the occasion of Diwali and Chhath Mahaparv, flights were started for Patna from many places including Delhi for the convenience of the people of Bihar. But after the end of the festive season, the number of passengers has reduced significantly, after which a decision has been taken to close many flights. Seven pairs of Indigo Airlines flights operating late at night from Patna Airport have been suspended. In these flights that will be closed – Delhi at 11:55 pm and 1:30 pm, Hyderabad at 1:40 pm, Mumbai at 10:30 pm, Ahmedabad at 7.25 pm, Bangalore 11 and 2.05 pm. Hours flight is included.

After the closure of these seven flights, now the first flight from Patna to Delhi is of Ga Air at 7:45 am. At the same time, the last flight of Indigo is at 10:40 pm. There are 21 flights from Patna to Delhi, six to Mumbai, seven to Bangalore, four to Hyderabad and two to Ahmedabad.

Let us inform that after the closure of these Indigo flights, only 58 flights are operating from Patna Airport.

Patna Airport has released the flight schedule

10 pairs of new aircraft will be included in the new winter schedule. At present, this schedule will continue from November 1 to November 30. 130 aircraft have been kept in this new schedule. Whereas earlier only 110 aircraft were included in the schedule. This time 20 new aircraft have been included in the schedule. IndiGo’s 32 aircraft have been kept in the new schedule. At the same time, 11 aircraft of Go Air, 13 aircraft of SpiceJet, seven aircraft of Air India and two aircraft of Vistara have been kept in the new winter schedule. However, this schedule has been kept till November 30 only. After November 30, the number of aircraft can also be reduced.



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