A magnificent bridge will be built on every 40th KM of river Ganga in Bihar, construction of 18 new bridges of 62 lanes is going on..



Desk: These days the government of the state is constantly working on new projects to repair the road, now the day is not far when a new bridge will be seen every 40 kilometers of Bihar, said Road Construction Minister Nitin Naveen. He said that 12 bridges have been approved on the river Ganga, besides the JP bridge, approval has also been given for a new four-lane bridge.

For information, let us tell you that with a traffic plan of 100 years, the construction work of both the lanes of Gandhi Setu will be completed by 2024, separate arrangements are being made on the bridge for people traveling by motorcycle and bicycle. Cabling has also been arranged in Spain, under which any type of pipeline can be laid, the connectivity of Patna and Hajipur will increase further with the preparation of the Ganga Bridge being built parallel to Gandhi Setu.

Bihar Ganga Only bridges will be visible in the ghat area: Let us inform that along with making a new steel superstructure by replacing the old structure of Mahatma Gandhi Setu, 18 new bridges are being constructed on the Ganges river in Bihar, the same six lane bridge is being built right next to Gandhi Setu, Kachchi Dargah Bidupur bridge is being constructed 10 kilometers (KM) downstream of Gandhi Setu, new bridges are proposed to be built parallel to JP Setu and a six-lane bridge is to be built at Dighwara, 10 kilometers west of the same. The construction of Tajpur four lane bridge is going on from Bakhtiyarpur, while six lane bridge is being built parallel to Rajendra Setu connecting Patna with Begusarai.

A bridge will be built every 40 KM: The happiest thing is, Munger bridge will also be inaugurated on 25th of December next month, the construction work of Sultanganj Fourlane Bridge from Agwani Ghat connecting Bhagalpur with Khagaria is going on, Fourlane bridge is being built parallel to Vikramshila Setu. Is. The construction work of new four-lane bridge from Manihari to Sahebganj has also started. If the minister is to be believed, earlier in Bihar there would be a bridge every 40 km on the river Ganges, earlier Bihar had only 4 bridges of 10 lanes and today the construction of 18 new bridges of 62 lanes is going on.


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