After petrol, diesel, matches become expensive, see how far the rate will increase



After petrol, diesel, food items, now matches are going to be hit by inflation. The trend of match boxes available for one rupee will now stop. Instead of one rupee, now consumers will have to pay two rupees. The price of matches is being increased due to rising raw material and wages. Ramesh Talreja, general secretary of the Bihar State Retailers Association, says that the prices of matchboxes in the city have to be changed from December 1. This information has already been given to the shopkeepers by the match making companies. We are also making our customers aware about this.

ITC matches match sales

In Patna, ITC Limited Company has the highest sales of Matches Homelight and AIM. Their one rupee matchbox has 30 sticks. Apart from this, Tekka branded matches are also sold. The general secretary of the Bihar State Retailers Association says that the sale of Tekka in Patna has been affected after the arrival of ITC matches. In urban areas, only ITC matches are sold more.

15 days no supply

The grocery shopkeepers of the city’s shopkeepers are not getting the supply of matches for the last fifteen days. The general secretary of the Bihar State Retailers Association says that the supply is being made only from the stock available with the distributors of matchboxes. It is expected that before 1st December the old stock will be cleared and the newly priced stock will be available in the market.

There is more trend in villages

The use of matches in the city is somewhat limited due to lighters. But the trend of matches is still very much in villages and towns. Apart from this, matches are being used in worship. In temples, only matchsticks are used to light aarti and incense sticks for worship.



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