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There is a constant demand for the industry in Bihar, in the meantime, ever since the new Industries Minister of Bihar has been made, it has been seen that there is a possibility of some industries in Bihar, meanwhile, now the news is coming to Nijkal that the airplane The production of engine fuel of K will also start in Bihar, work is being done very fast for this.

For information, let me tell you that Begusarai, which is called the industrial capital of Bihar, is soon going to give a new dimension to the development of Bihar. Let us inform that the supply of engine fuel used in the airplane will start soon from Barauni Refinery in Begusarai. All these things have been informed by the director of Barauni Refinery, Shukla Mistry. Giving information, he said that many important projects will start from Barauni Refinery in Begusarai in the coming times, in which it is being told to produce fuel used in airplanes for the major Indian Oil.

It is being told that after the start of this project, fuel will be supplied to the planes of Nepal as well as India from Begusarai. Along with this, the era of pollution-free petrochemicals is also going to start soon from Barauni Refinery. According to the information, Shukla Mistry told that Barauni has been serving the country for the last 56 years and in the coming times also it will continue to serve the country.

It is being told that the production of airplane fuel under bs6 will start soon from Barauni Refinery. After which it will become the second refinery in India to produce fuel. While on the one hand it will be the first refinery of Bihar after Digboi in Assam, the possibility of employment in Begusarai will also increase to a large extent after its commissioning.


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