Announcement of CM Nitish- Multi-storey building will be built for the people living in slums in Bihar, know- full details..



Desk: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has given a big gift to the people living under footpaths and bridges, slums in urban areas of various districts, he announced that a multi-storey building will be constructed by the government for such shelterless people. Will go For this the land is being marked. The government will buy the land and get it constructed.

CM Nitish said what is the point of living on the side of the road and under the bridge? We do not remove anyone but there should be a right place for such people to live. He further said that land would be provided to such people by the government. Asked the concerned officials to build multi-storey buildings wherever they are needed. The maintenance of the concerned building will also be done by the government. All facilities will also be provided.

CM Nitish said that there should not be a smart city in the state only in name, but it should also be really smart. The work of Smart City in Patna started late but I am happy that now the work is being done in that direction. He directed the concerned officers to do the work expeditiously. Referring to the 258 municipal bodies of the state, the Chief Minister said that a plan is being prepared for them for solid and liquid waste management under Saat Nischay-2. The agency has also been selected for the construction of old age home.


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