Announcement of CM Nitish – There will be a caste census in Bihar, the state government will bear its entire cost.



Desk:- Amidst the politics of caste census in Bihar, CM Nitish Kumar made a big announcement and said that caste census will be done in Bihar and it will be done in a better way. For this, the state government will conduct caste census at its own expense. In fact, Nitish Kumar made this statement when, on the last day of the winter session of the Bihar Legislative Assembly, Leader of Opposition Tejashwi Yadav along with leaders of several parties met CM Nitish Kumar, during which everyone demanded a caste census in Bihar.

CM Nitish said that the Bihar government will conduct the census in a transparent manner. No mistake will be made of any kind. All the political parties have agreed. We are going to hold an all-party meeting soon. Have spoken to the Deputy CM and all the people of his party. An all-party meeting will be held soon after fixing a date.

He further said that everyone’s opinion is necessary in this. How to get the caste census done, when to get it done, through which medium, all this will be decided after taking the most opinion in the meeting. Whatever comes out with everyone’s consent, we will proceed on that basis. It will be done very well so that nothing is missed.


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