Any complaint related to alcohol should contact KK Pathak directly, WhatsApp number will be released.. Your identity will be secret



Desk: In order to make the liquor prohibition law more strict in Bihar, the government is preparing various new plans, so that the prohibition of liquor in the state can be completely banned, but still people continue to die due to illegal sale and consumption of poisonous liquor. Is. However, a review was also done on the prohibition law by the Nitish government in the past, since then the police and the Madh Prohibition Department are showing full activism.

Let us inform that in the past, Bihar’s powerful officer KK Pathak had taken entry in the liquor prohibition department, since then the police and liquor prohibition department have geared up to fully implement the prohibition law, the police one and the other where continuously in many ways. Meanwhile, the Additional Chief Secretary, Prohibition Department has taken a big initiative.

Now any information related to liquor can be shared directly with the Additional Chief Secretary KK Pathak, for this, the officer considered very strict, KK Pathak has also released his official WhatsApp number, 9473400600 – KK Pathak’s Whatsapp number. It has been told that the information of those giving information about alcohol will be kept confidential.

Let us inform that the Prohibition Department is in continuous action mode after KK Pathak took over, till now the Prohibition Department along with the Police Department has conducted 19175 raids in the last 10 days. Whereas, 4000 charges have been registered, apart from this, together these two departments have also arrested 4670 accused, more than 400 vehicles have been seized under the Prohibition Act.


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