Bihar government is bringing a new bill regarding land purchase and sale, know what will be special



Now the map of that part of the land, which has been bought and sold, will also be included with the document at the time of dismissal. In lieu of land, Chauhaddi of the form will also be recorded. To give it legal form, the Revenue and Land Reforms Department is bringing the bill in the winter session of the Legislative Assembly. Its name is Bihar Land Filing Khatri (Amendment) Bill 2021. It will be presented by Departmental Minister Ramsurat Rai. The object of the Bill states that the present rule of dismissal of filing does not give information about the actual condition of the land. Over a period of time it becomes a cause of land dispute. After the passage of the bill, the Bihar Special Survey and Act 2011 and Rules 2012 will be amended.

According to the minister, under this action plan, survey revenue maps will be prepared in digital form through software in all zonal offices. The map of the part of the land will be included with the petition for dismissal. This map will also have to be put in the deed at the time of registration of the land. At the time of dismissal filed in the circle office, along with the deed, the map of the plot will also have to be submitted. He said that with this arrangement, it will be clear at the time of registry that which part of any land has been sold. All such petitions will be investigated by the Revenue Staff. Only after they are satisfied, the process of dismissal of the filing will proceed.

employment opportunities will increase

A panel of civil engineers will be formed at the district level to map the plot. The process of preparing the panel and the number of engineers involved will be decided by the state government from time to time. The service fee of the empaneled engineer or agency will be determined by the government. The fee amount will be recovered from the ryots. Engineers or agencies will have to keep laptops apart from ETS (Electronic Total Station) for measuring the land. These devices will be approved by the department.



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