Bihar government will soon give an amount of 1000 crores for Patna Metro, know from when will you be able to enjoy the metro



The state government will soon release an amount of 1000 crores for the construction of Patna Metro. On Monday, the first day of the winter session of the Vidhan Sabha, the government presented the supplementary budget, in which provision has been made. The amount will be released after getting the approval of the House. With this, the work of land acquisition, monthly payment to the construction agency, along with the award of new work will be done to give advance to the agency.

Patna Metro Rail Corporation has proposed to the district administration to acquire 76.645 acres of land in front of the ISBT to build a metro depot. According to the district administration, claims and objections will be taken from the farmers till December 23. After this, compensation will be paid to the farmers. An amount of 790 crores will be spent on this.

After getting the amount from the government, compensation will be distributed among the farmers from January. With this, the land will be transferred to Patna Metro. The total cost of Patna Metro Rail Project is 13,366 crores. Two corridors are to be constructed with a length of 32.487 km. The first corridor is Danapur to Mithapur 17.93 km and the second corridor is 14.55 km from Patna Railway Station to ISBT. It is targeted to be operational in October 2024.

Separate acquisition for 12 stations

Patna Metro Rail Corporation has given a separate proposal to the district administration for 12 metro stations in the city. All the station’s share is in government as well as private land. Measurement of this land is going on. A separate amount will be spent for this. With this, land will be transferred from government departments and given to the metro. Provision will be made for this as per the instructions of the government.

Work going on between ISBT to Malahi Pakdi

At present, the construction of 6.60 km elevated metro between ISBT to Malahi Pakari is going on. A total of 250 paisas have to be made here. These include construction of elevated metro station and piling for the elevated line (via duct). Elevated metro is to be constructed from Danapur to Rukanpura. The utility shifting work will start here from December. After this, other work including construction of piling will be done.

Two grids of 60 MW will be formed

Two grid sub-stations of 60 MW capacity will be built to supply electricity to Patna Metro. An amount of about 100 crores will be spent on this. The agency has been selected for this. This includes the first in the depot in front of ISBT and the second in Mithapur. The grid sub-station with a capacity of 30 MW to be built on the depot land will get electricity from Katra. At the same time, the grid sub-station with a capacity of 30 MW to be built in Mithapur will get electricity from Mithapur GIS Grid.



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