Bihar will no longer be able to drive a vehicle with another state’s number, knowing how much can be fined » Patna News



Deep in Bihar once again Vehicle The checking campaign has started, and after which many check posts in Bihar including the capital Patna. Vehicle The checking has started, so if you are also going out of your house and your car is not fully fit then you need to be careful. For information, let me tell you that Transport Secretary Sanjay Kumar Agarwal said that the vehicles registered from Jharkhand or other states of the country are illegally operating permanently in Bihar. Vehicle Action will be taken against the owners and for doing so, a fine of Rs 5000 will have to be paid and all DTOs, MVIs and ESIs have been directed to take action by running a special campaign.

For your information, let me tell you that today in this checking campaign, action was taken against 21 vehicle owners who were driving in Bihar by taking the numbers of other states. Along with this, action has also been taken against 487 drivers there under different sections of Motor Vehicles Act. For the same information, let me tell you that the real vehicle owners of Jharkhand or other state do not have to worry. If they show proof of coming from Jharkhand or other state by showing their petrol pump receipt, driving license, receipt of toll plaza, Aadhar card or any other certificate, then they will not be fined.

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