Bihar’s temple will also come under the purview of tax, registration of temples will be necessary



News Desk: At present, the liquor mafia has come under prohibition in Bihar. But with this, now the eyes of the Bihar government are on private temples. The government is now preparing to collect tax from private temples.

It is necessary for all the temples of Bihar to be registered. Under the private temple, such places of worship come which have been built at someone’s private place. But now worship is being done in it in public. Now in Bihar, according to the Bihar State Religious Trust Board, 4% tax can be started from all the public temples in the state. For this, all the caretakers of the public temple have been appealed to get the temple registered under the State Religious Trust Board. So that according to the rules 4% tax can be taken from all the temples. At present, Bihar has not only 4500 temples but has got its registration done under the religious trust board. There are thousands of temples which have not been registered. It also has many big and famous temples. The Board of Religious Trust now wants to bring everyone under its purview.

The decision has been taken in view of the economic situation Presently the financial condition of Bihar State Religious Trust Board is not good. That is why the board now wants to strengthen its financial position by taking more and more temples inside itself and taking their taxes. Problems will be resolved soon. After the registration, the board will operate all the temples according to its rules. If any case of any kind also comes, then it will be under the responsibility of not only the temple but also the Bihar Religious Trust Board.


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