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Christopher Nolan probably teases Inception 2 with this | Hollywood

Christopher Nolan has been directing the best and the most innovative fantasy movies, making Oscar buzz in the last few years, but many fans are still hoping that he will make a sequel to his 2010 dream masterpiece, Inception.

Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception, directed by Christopher Nolan. (YouTube)

Featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Elliot Page, the movie shows skilled thieves who extract secrets straight from the subconscious.

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Empire Magazine dropped a fun Easter egg in the movie, which was a spinning top, and hinted that something big was coming soon, which some fans believed was an announcement of Inception 2.

Social media was abuzz with reactions

one fan excitedly tweeting, “Wait I KNOW that’s not what I think it is,” accompanied by an image of DiCaprio’s character from the film.

Another chimed in, “Imagine if it’s actually Inception 2 lol.”

“Its a Nolan Special magazine edition with a new print interview,” one questioned.

One piped in, “Is that the spinning top from INCEPTION ? This would tie in with your Christopher Nolan special.”

The ardour was dampened by the announcement that the spinning top was not, in fact, the sign of Inception 2, it appears to be a precursor to an upcoming magazine cover dedicated to Nolan’s work.

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This year is the 10th anniversary of Nolan’s intergalactic journey which is titled Interstellar and has Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway in its cast. The movie is going to have a great comeback to the theatre, and the magazine feature is anticipated to celebrate this achievement and also to go back to Nolan’s impressive filmography.

Will there ever be an Inception 2?

Despite swirling rumours, there has been no official confirmation from Nolan himself regarding a sequel.

Inception was always envisioned as a standalone tale, its conclusion shrouded in mystery, leaving the fate of the spinning top and, by extension, the characters’ reality open to interpretation.

This is a hallmark of Nolan’s storytelling, often crafting self-contained and conclusive narratives.

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Nolan’s directorial choices further underscore this tendency

Aside from his acclaimed Batman trilogy, which concluded with The Dark Knight Rises in 2012, Nolan has not revisited any of his cinematic universes. His films are designed to be complete experiences within themselves, each a unique exploration of complex themes and ideas.

When a fan asked about the sequel, Gordon-Levitt responded, “Hahaahahahaha oh you were serious?”

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