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When Hans Zimmer revealed how he came up with Interstellar’s iconic music, the brief Christopher Nolan gave him | Hollywood

Hans Zimmer is often praised for his unique score in Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar. The German born American music composer in an 2022 appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show, had opened up on the fragile piece he created for the epic sci-fi drama. (Also read: Christopher Nolan wins his first Oscar for directing Oppenheimer)

At its core, Interstellar is the story of a father’s promise to his daughter.

Hans recalls fragile idea about Interstellar music

Hans, while recalling how he came up with the idea for his composition for Interstellar, revealed that Christopher never told him anything about he script initially. He told that the filmmaker would only send a letter where he would mention a brief idea. Hans stated that, “So this letter arrived from this beautiful story about what it meant to be a father. And so yes, I spent a day writing and writing, and I phoned his house at about 10 o’clock at night on Sunday. His wife answered. I said, Emma, ‘I’ve done it. Do you want me send it over?’ She said ‘Oh, Chris is curiously waiting and he’s like pacing up and down? Do you mind if he comes over?’”

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Hans reveals Christopher’s reaction to his composition

He further added “So he came over and he sat down on the couch. And I said, ‘Okay, I’ll play it to you.’ And I played him this fragile little piece that I’d written about my son. You know, a relationship I have with my son. And I get to the end of it. I said, ‘So what do you think?’ He told ‘Oh, I’d better make the movie then. I’m like great.’ I asked ‘What is the movie?’ And he started talking about space, and huge and epic and all this. Then finally, I told, ‘stop, stop. I’ve written this tiny, tiny little thing. You know, this very fragile personal thing.’ And he goes, ‘Yeah, I know where the heart of the movie is now.’”

Listen to The Cornfield Chase here:

Hans and Christopher have also collaborated in films like Inception and Dunkirk.

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