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Cibil score check: How to check Cibil score online without a PAN card? Your step-by-step guide

Cibil score check: Maintaining a good credit score is pertinent for securing favourable loan terms. In order to check your credit score from a credit bureau like CIBIL, you need to enter your PAN (Permanent Account Number) that is linked to your bank accounts as PAN is used as an identity document for income tax-related purposes. Cibil’s full form is Credit Information Bureau India Limited. It provides credit ratings to companies and can be used to check credit score which it shows using a three-digit number ranging between 300 and 900.

Cibil score check: An ideal CIBIL Score that ensures faster approval for your credit application, as well as lower interest rates, is 750 or higher.

A higher score indicates good financial health- meaning that you can take loans and repay them responsibly.

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In case you are facing difficulty in accessing your credit score online without a PAN card, you can check free CIBIL scores online, without the need for a PAN card.

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