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Google I/O 2024: Here’s everything Sundar Pichai’s company announced for you

Google unveiled a retooled search engine that will frequently favor responses crafted by artificial intelligence (AI) over website links as Sundar Pichai’s company began its annual developers conference. The Google CEO said, “This bold and responsible approach is fundamental to delivering on our mission and making AI more helpful for everyone.”

Google I/O 2024: Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai speaks at a Google I/O event in Mountain View, California. (AP)

Here are the top announcements made by the company at Google I/O 2024:

Firebase Genkit: There is a new addition to the Firebase platform, called Firebase Genkit, which will make it easier for developers to build AI-powered applications in JavaScript/TypeScript with Go support. The framework will be open source and can be used for content generation, summarization, text translation and generating images, the company said.

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LearnLM: The company unveiled LearnLM which is a new family of generative AI models “fine-tuned” for learning. A collaboration between Google’s DeepMind AI research division and Google Research- the models will “conversationally” tutor students on a range of subjects, Google said.

YouTube quizzes: Youtube will also have AI-generated quizzes which will allow users to figuratively “raise their” hand while watching educational videos. Using the tool, you can questions, get explanations or take a quiz on the subject matter as well.

Gemma 2 updates: Google will be adding a new 27-billion-parameter model to Gemma 2 and the next generation of these models will launch in June this year, the company said.

Changes to Google Play: Google Play will have a new discovery feature for apps, new ways to acquire users, updates to Play Points and enhancements like Google Play SDK Console and Play Integrity API.

Scams during calls: Google previewed a feature that will alert users to potential scams during calls. It will be built into a future version of Android and will use Gemini Nano to effectively listen for “conversation patterns commonly associated with scams” in real time, the company said.

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