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Meta AI boss slams Elon Musk: ‘He is wrong about Artificial Intelligence being…’

Meta AI chief Yann LeCun said that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will never be smarter than humans as the technology does not perceive and understand reality in the same way that humans can. This comes as the Tesla CEO said that AI can be smarter than human beings by 2026.

Elon Musk arrives at the tenth Breakthrough Prize Ceremony at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in Los Angeles.(AP)

What Yann LeCun said on AI?

Yann LeCun said in an interview that AI systems are not as intelligent as humans. These models may not get any better in the future as well as it lacks “reasoning, planning, persistent memory, and understanding the physical world are four essential characteristics of human intelligence.” 

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AI systems cannot project or understand and need to be trained, he said. 

“Eventually, machines will surpass human intelligence… it’s gonna take a while though,” he said, adding, “It’s not just around the corner — and it’s certainly not next year like our friend Elon has said.”

How smart are AI systems as per Yann LeCun?

Yann LeCun said that if AI systems were smarter than humans, they could learn self-driving in under a day. Although, we still don’t have fully autonomous cars even with hours of training data available for it to advance and learn quickly, he said. 

He said, “We’re easily fooled into thinking they are intelligent because of their fluency with language, but really, their understanding of reality is very superficial. They’re useful, there’s no question about that. But on the path towards human-level intelligence, an LLM is basically an off-ramp, a distraction, a dead end.”

“Most of human knowledge is actually not language so those systems can never reach human-level intelligence — unless you change the architecture,” he added. 


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