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Otter, Rev to Notta, check out some of the best portals offering video transcription service

Entertainment, politics, sports to education, videos, podcasts and other audio tools have become the biggest source of disseminating information on the planet. Add to that the copious note taking involved during meetings, classes and other such activities. However, till recently, the problem that most people faced was that they could not instantly make the video, lectures and meetings available to themselves in a transcribed format easily. In case they wanted something from these events, it was a painful process of listening and writing that took up a long time and effort.

Otter.AI, Rev.AI to Notta, take a brief look at these 5 transcription tools.

Thankfully, that manually intensive task is no longer a problem. The reason behind that is the availability of a number of transcription portals whose services are now just a click away. Needless to say, whether it is for managers, workers, students or just people out to have some fun or learn something new, this is a welcome happening. Notably, there are several portals that offer transcription services and among them are Otter, Rev, Notta and more.

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Let us take a brief look at these 5, but remember, the kind of services each offers may be different and even the accuracy levels may need close scrutiny. So, you will have to check all those points out to find the one that suits your requirements. Notably many of them are powered by artificial intelligence (AI)

1. This is an automated transcription services for audio and videos. It claims to be very fast, accurate and covers over 58 languages. Users can also get real-time transcription during live events.

2. Descript too is an automated transcription tool for videos. On top of that, Descript also provides editing tools that have a number of outstanding features that users will find very useful. In fact, videos can be edited and transcribed simultaneously with this tool. The sound quality that it offers has been compared to that of actual studios.

3. is one of the more popular transcribing tools. Real-time video transcription can be done using AI tools.on the platform. During meetings and event, synchronizing with Zoom and Google Meet can be done to enable automatic transcription. It is one of the best such tools available today.

4. Happy Scribe has a free AI service and the transcription can be done in over 120 languages. It is also extremely fast, delivering results within 5 minutes. Those dealing in different files formats will also find this service useful.

5. Notta is another quick and efficient video and audio content transcription service. It even claims an accuracy rate of 98.9 percent. And it can also be integrated with Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or Zoom.

Some other tools that you can access are:

* Riverside

* Sonix

* Temi

* Grain

* Trint

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