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This is the most important question you should ask in an interview as per LinkedIn expert

There are a lot of questions that you will be asked in a job interview, for sure. But there are a few questions that you must also ask from your prospective employers as per a LinkedIn expert. Vice president and workforce expert at LinkedIn Aneesh Raman told CNBC Make it that asking questions during a job interview from the employer is not a bad thing at all because it shows that you are actually interested in the future of the company and your role in it.

Are you preparing for a job interview? This is the most important question you must ask in an interview, as per a LinkedIn expert.

And there is one question that can give you the most idea about how the company invests in the future of its employees, he said.

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“The most important question to ask before you accept a job is: What is your culture of learning?” Aneesh Raman said.

Workplace scenario has changed a lot in the recent years, he said, adding, “We don’t know so much of what’s coming but one thing we know is that organisations that build a culture of learning, and that have employees who lean into that culture of learning, are going to be able to adapt.”

There is also another question that you can ask in the job interview but this may be more useful to new professionals, he said. This question is about the culture of learning in the organisation as he said that “part of that culture of learning is learning how to work well with others. Young professionals need real coaching about corporate speak and corporate culture and things like what you’re supposed to do in meetings.”

The LinkedIn expert also said that asking about how a learning culture extends to the regular work with managers can help you understand the organisation better.

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