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Truecaller web rolled out; know how to get it on your PC/laptop

Truecaller web rolled out; know how to get it on your PC/laptop

Truecaller, the app that helps phone users identify as well as stay protected from pesky calls to scammers with its ubiquitous caller ID, has added a huge new benefit that will go a long way in further enhancing access to users. Now, it has been revealed that Truecaller has rolled out a feature that is similar to WhatsApp – a web version of its app. And what is more, it is available in India now and will be launched in other countries at a later date. However, do note that only Android smartphone users will get this feature. Apple iOS users will have to wait for a while.

You can easily access Truecaller web on your laptops or PCs. The steps have been listed below.

Truecaller took to its X account to post this message: “Truecaller for Web is here! Desktop access? Yes! Spam-free texting? Absolutely! Smart Call Alerts? You got it! Available now for Truecaller for Android.”

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So, what does the Truecaller web client bring for you? Referred to as Truecaller for Web, and it allows users to synchronise their smartphone’s Truecaller ID in real-time on their PC/desktop. Notably, one user will get just one session. Other features available for users SMS, chat mirroring, number search, call notification and more. So, now, the space in which you can interact with Truecaller services has been expanded to laptops and PCs.

How to link to Truecaller Web?

Those who are using WhatsApp will find the process quite familiar. All it takes is to scan the QR code visible on the desktop with your smartphone via your Truecaller ID and you will be ready to go.

Now, if you are interested in checking out the new way to access Truecaller, then it just requires you to take a few extra steps. Just do this:

Open Truecaller app on your smartphone > go to messages and click on the three dots > pick “Truecaller for Web” > tap on “Link Device” (you will see a scanner) > go to > scan the QR code from your smartphone. And you are done!

What Truecaller brings to you:

Truecaller Caller ID reveals in an instant who is calling you and why and leaves it to your discretion whether you want to pick up and talk to the person. It offers these services among others:

* Dialer for reverse number lookup and to call friends and family in your contacts.

* Identify and warn you about robocallers, scammers, fraudsters, telemarketers and other unwanted or unknown phone numbers.

* Automatically block and protect you from unwanted calls and SMS.

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