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Zerodha’s Nithin Kamath is very worried about the food we eat: ‘Is atta safe…’

Zerodha’s Nithin Kamath is very worried about the food we eat: ‘Is atta safe…’

Nithin Kamath- Zerodha co-founder- said that it is important to question what goes into our food. He wrote in a post on X (formerly Twitter), “Is the atta we consume safe or does milk have harmful antibiotics. To get answers, we would try to find domain experts and entrepreneurs, and some of the answers we often got weren’t pretty.”

Zerodha CEO Nithin Kamath reflected on why everyone should question the food they eat and how safe it is. (X/Nithin Kamath)

This led to the birth of Rainmatter Health, an initiative aimed at helping Indian startups make the nation healthier, Nithin Kamath said.

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“We were already supporting fintech startups; why not do the same for health?” he explained.

Over the past few years, Rainmatter Health has invested over 150 crore in startups such as Akshayakalpa, Two Brothers Organic, and The Whole Flour. He said, “All these startups are trying to fix the food items that Indians consume the most: staples, milk, wheat flour, eggs, and more. We’ve not only invested in them but also consume products from the same brands.”

He added, “A happy coincidence is that some of these startups are also working with small farmers and improving their livelihood. So yeah, all this started with asking questions.”

In an earlier post, the Zerodha boss also talked about high sugar content and adulteration in many food items sold across India. He then said, “We Indians need to question what goes into the food we consume. The more we ask, the better choices we will have. The sugar content in most of our food is ridiculous. Adulteration in food items like masalas, milk and protein. And then there are substandard chemicals used in food coloring and preservatives in fruits and vegetables. They are all slowly killing us. This applies to both packaged foods and food from many restaurants.”

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