Center approves Kosi-Mechi River Link Mega Project, DPR ready, know-



Desk: A good news has come out for the people of Kosi area of ​​Bihar, let us tell you that the most flood affected area of ​​Bihar is Kosi, which every year due to floods, many people’s houses and crops are ruined. But in the meantime, the government is also preparing a new plan to solve these problems.

Actually, work has also started on the scheme of linking the river, under this scheme, permission was being sought from the Central Government by the Bihar government for the Kosi-Mechi Link Scheme. After which the issue of Kosi-Mechi link scheme was raised in the Lok Sabha on the previous day, JDU National President Lalan Singh raised this issue, the JDU MP said in the House that when the Central Government has decided that the capacity of more than two lakh irrigation schemes If so, will the Kosi-Mechi link scheme be declared a national scheme?

This scheme will irrigate 2 lakh 17000 hectares by: He further said that the Central Government has approved the Kosi-Mechi Link Scheme, the Central Government has decided that the schemes having irrigation potential of more than 2 lakh hectares will be declared as National Plan, Koshi-Mechi Link Scheme 2 lakh 17000 hectares. If I do irrigation, will this scheme be declared a national scheme?

DPR prepared: Let us inform that DPR has been prepared for this Kosi-Mechi link scheme? Certainly there is a provision that a scheme with irrigation potential of more than 2 lakh hectare can be recognized as a National Project, in this way it meets the standard, but there are many other points which need to be fulfilled. If the plan fulfills all the criteria then it will definitely be considered.


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