Children told the truth of liquor prohibition in Bihar, they got money for the book, father drank alcohol!


Desk: The CM of Bihar, who brags in the name of prohibition in Bihar, may make big claims, but on seeing the ground reality, one gets to bite the fingers under the teeth, you must have heard that old saying, in which it is said.. When father drinks alcohol, son will drink broom.. Similar outstanding case has come from Rohtas district of Bihar. Where, in the name of prohibition of alcohol, how does a black-eyed father torture his children mentally,

Let us tell you that a video is becoming increasingly viral on social media, in which 1 child is crying, telling the handiwork of his father, the child was asked if you do not have a book, then that child gave a surprising answer. Diya, said… “There was money for the book but the father of that money drank alcohol”. This incident is exposing the reality of liquor ban in Bihar. The incident is being told of the Upgraded Middle School, Patluka of Tilothu Block of Sasaram.

Let us tell you that it can be clearly seen in the viral video, that a child in a school is crying and telling that his father spends all the money on alcohol, due to which he is not able to buy books to read. Now, the teacher is asking the child, “Why didn’t you buy the book even after being told for the last 5 days? So the child says that his father spends all the money on alcohol and is not buying his book.

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