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Before the bifurcation of Bihar in the form of Jharkhand, Bihar also used to come in the rich states of Bihar in terms of mineral wealth, but after the division of Jharkhand, the mineral wealth from Bihar was divided and went to Jharkhand. But now the traces of mineral wealth have also been visible in Bihar. According to the information, Bihar has got 4 mineral blocks rich in chromium and potassium in the past. It is being told that soon after examining their various aspects, the process of mining of minerals will be started. For this, the process of auction can also start soon. According to the information, after getting the minerals, along with the development of the economy of Bihar, employment opportunities will also arise for the people of Bihar.

Let us inform that the places where mineral deposits have been found in Bihar include Nadwadih block of 10 square kilometer in Sasaram-Rohtas, Tipa mineral block in eight square kilometer and block of seven square kilometer in Shahpur. All three are blocks of potassium. Apart from this, there are chromium blocks in Aurangabad-Gaya. It is of eight square kilometer. At the same time, the central government has also given permission to the Bihar government to do mining in these places, after which the economy of these areas will see rapid development.


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