Clouds will prevail in many parts of Bihar today, know from when the cold will increase


After bringing down the maximum temperature in many parts of Bihar in the last 24 hours due to partly cloudy weather, the mercury again rose a couple of degrees on Sunday. Saturday night was slightly warmer than other days due to clouds. At the same time, the minimum temperature also increased by two to three degrees Celsius.

Meteorologists say that the cold will increase again from Sunday night. With the decrease in minimum temperature again, it will reach the position of two days ago. The speed of Northwesterly winds is also expected to increase in the next two days, which will bring down the night temperature. It was sunny in Patna on Sunday and the weather was clearer than before. However, some districts in South Bihar experienced moderate fog in the morning. Fog is increasing continuously around the rivers. In the next two days, there may be a slight increase in fog or fog in the northern part of the state. However, the day will remain clear and the weather is likely to remain dry.

Trains are getting late

The fog is yet to come in color but its partial effect has started showing on the trains. On Saturday, the poor chariot was lying down for four hours. On the other hand, there was a delay in the trains of Down on Sunday. In late trains, 01664 New Delhi Puja Special was delayed by two and a half hours, 12328 Dehradun Howrah by three hours and 13006 Punjab Mail by one and a half hours.

plane is also getting late

On Sunday, Hyderabad’s Go Air flight G 8585 was delayed by two hours and six minutes. Air India’s Kolkata Patna AI 732 reached 51 minutes late. SpiceJet flight SG 757 Pune-Patna arrived half an hour late instead of 1:40 pm.


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