CM Nitish’s former Minister for Prohibition said – Liquor prohibition should be reviewed, the role of delivery boy playing small children



Desk: In Bihar, this law is constantly being opposed by the leaders of the parties and the opposition regarding the prohibition law. However, it is also being supported by some leaders. Last, days ago, BJP MLA (MLA) Kundan Singh had talked about the review of the prohibition law, but in the meantime, Jamshed Ashraf, a former minister of the Nitish government, also spoke about the review of the prohibition law.

The youth group is being harmed: He said that since the implementation of the prohibition law in Bihar, young children of the small middle class have made a career of selling poisonous liquor to protect their future, earlier liquor was available in the shop, now home delivery has started even at home. The age at which children should go to school has brought bottles of liquor in their hands due to this law, not only this, due to this wrongly earned money, children today also consume dangerous intoxicants like smack. are doing, as well as getting involved in its business.

The tourism industry has been affected by the prohibition of: He further said that today the state government is also losing forty thousand crores of revenue due to the prohibition law, which is hindering the development of a poor state like Bihar. It has happened, even though the government is not getting revenue today, but the prohibition law in Bihar has completely failed and today that amount is going into the hands of middlemen and police.


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