CM sir.. bribery goes on in Bihar! I am ward secretary..without 40% commission money is not transferred..



Desk: Janata Darbar is organized by Bihar CM Nitish Kumar on every Monday in Patna, in which any person from the state can directly approach the CM with his complaint, let us tell you that there are new cases of corruption in this public court. New revelations keep happening, but in the meantime, on Monday, another new revelation has come to the fore,

In fact, a complainant who came to CM Nitish Kumar’s Janata Darbar exposed the corruption issue prevailing in Panchayati Raj, the ward secretary told CM Nitish Kumar that money was transferred to the account without 40 percent commission. It does not happen, it includes people from the bottom to the top.

Ward Secretary said: “Sir we are ward secretaries..we are trying to stop corruption..For three and a half years Block Development Officer (BDO) Saheb Raghuvansh Kumar, Panchayat Secretary Ravinder Kumar, Mukhiya Jawahar Chaudhary have kept us harassed, no one There is no money transfer in the account without 40% commission in the scheme, when we went to the BDO, he said that someone does everything, only you have trouble, scolded and chased away, the monitoring department had also arrested. But it’s gone.”

CM Nitish gave these orders: Let us tell you that when the ward secretary spoke all this fearlessly in front of the CM, the CM was also surprised, after all, where did so much corruption come from in our Bihar, CM Nitish Kumar asked the complainant to go to the concerned department and tell his problems. Instructed, let us tell that only a limited number of people are being included in the Chief Minister’s program in the public’s court started during the Corona period after 5 years, people have to register online to join the public court. Is. Due to the limited number of people being called, people have to wait a long time despite registering.


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