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In the coming time, many districts of Bihar are going to look hi-tech and smart. In this episode, the exercise of setting up CNG and PNG stations in the cities of Bihar has intensified. For information, let me tell you that these stations are being constructed. After which pollution will also be controlled.

For information, let me tell you that the process of making these CNG stations in Muzaffarpur, Bihar has been started. Explain that CNG and PNG stations will be built near Muzaffarpur Bairia Bus Stand, Imli Chatti and Pandit Nehru Stadium. Distic regulatory system will be made at 12 places to control the pressure of gas supply. For this, 8 major places have been selected in the city, while government land is being earmarked in the remaining four places to build District Regulatory System. At the same time, the DM of the district has issued an order letter to the concerned agency in this regard. Along with this, the IOCL official said that the pressure of the gas supply in the entire city will be controlled through DRS.

According to the information, after laying the pipeline in Muzaffarpur, according to the pipeline being laid in the same city, 12 DRS is required at present. Let us inform that in 4 districts including Muzaffarpur, CNG vehicles were to be run from April 2021. But for some reason it could not start. Well I am being told that this facility will be started soon. This facility will be available in Muzaffarpur as well as Samastipur Sadhna and Vaishali districts.

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