Cold will increase in Bihar after next two days, know what will be the effect of storm Jawad



In the coastal areas of Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh, the wind flow is increasing by 1.5 kilometer and this is the reason why the effect of cold is not visible. The flow of east and north east winds is strong, but due to the height of one and a half km, its effect is less visible. Due to its effect the humidity is increasing and due to dry weather, cold winds are not affecting equally in all parts of Bihar.

Weather will be normal again for 24 hours

According to the Meteorological Department, after 24 hours of normal weather, the sky will remain cloudy and on December 5, there will be rain in some places of Bihar. After this the temperature is expected to drop by two to 5 degrees. After that the cold will increase. If the mercury comes down to 5 degrees, then it will start getting cold.

The mercury rose during the day and fell in the night

According to the Meteorological Department, for the last 3 days, there has been a slight drop in day as well as night temperature in all parts of Bihar. The speed of the winds is 1 to 3 km. Patna is getting sunny during the day. Due to this, the weather is not cold even after the drop in temperature. The maximum temperature in Patna on Wednesday was 28.2 and the minimum temperature was 11.9 degrees Celsius. It was foggy in the morning. During this, the maximum temperature is estimated to be 27 degrees and the minimum temperature is 13 degrees.



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