Country’s largest gold reserves found in this district of Bihar, know how much gold is there



The largest gold reserves of India have been found in Bihar. There is so much stock in the mine of precious metal gold, which is not there anywhere else in the country. This information has been given by the Central Government in Parliament. Bihar BJP President and Lok Sabha member Sanjay Jaiswal had sought information from the government in the House. He had asked whether Bihar has the highest gold reserves in the country? He had also sought information from the government regarding the survey of gold reserves in other districts of Bihar including West Champaran. The reply given by the Minister of Mines, Coal and Parliamentary Affairs, Prahlad Joshi, is going to make the people of Bihar happy.

Survey done from West Champaran to Gaya

The Union Minister informed that the Geological Survey of India has also carried out surveys in some parts of West Champaran and Gaya districts to find gold reserves. All this has happened under the supervision of the United Nations Framework Specification during the last five years. He said that at present no mineral deposits have been detected in this area.

Gold reserves are hidden in this district of Bihar

Sanjay Jaiswal has shared the reply letter received from Lok Sabha on his internet media account. In this, the Union Minister has been told that there is a total primary gold ore reserves of 501.83 tonnes in the country, of which 654.74 tonnes are gold metal. In this, 44 percent gold has been found only in Bihar. In the Sono field of Jamui district of the state, 222.885 million tonnes of gold reserves including 37.6 tonnes of metal ore have been found.

Minerals have also been found in Gaya and Rohtas district

After the separation of Jharkhand, Bihar was completely zero in terms of mineral ores. But, now two important mineral deposits have been discovered in some parts of the state’s Gaya and Rohtas district. It is the effort of the state government that mining can be started in these areas as soon as possible.

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