Cyclone ‘Jawad’ became terrible in the Bay of Bengal, know what will be the effect of this storm in Bihar » Patna News



The cyclonic storm Jawad, which started hitting the coastal areas of Odisha, is slowly showing its fierce form. According to the latest information, this cyclone is rising from the Bay of Bengal and moving towards Bihar. Along with this, meteorologists have told that after rising from the Bay of Bengal, the cyclonic storm Jawad has become strong and its effect will be visible on the areas of Bihar. According to the information of the Meteorological Center of Patna, a slight light of this storm can be seen in the capital Patna as well as other districts of Bihar.

It is being told that it can be seen in some districts of East Bihar on Sunday. There is a possibility of light to cloudy sky over the rest of the state. The effect of the same storm can remain in East Bihar till Monday. Due to which there is a possibility of increasing cold in the state. In this regard, scientist Sanjay Kumar of Patna Meteorological Center says that the storm that has arisen in the Bay of Bengal has now assumed a severe form. Its effect will be visible from West Bengal and Odisha to Bihar via Jharkhand. Due to this, light rain may occur in some areas of East Bihar. Along with this, the minimum temperature of Bihar is expected to remain at 14 to 16 degree Celsius.


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