Darbhanga airport is attracting passengers, neglecting Patna, passengers are upset due to discount in tickets from Darbhanga



DeskDarbhanga Airport, the pride of Seemanchal region of Bihar, has earned many success stories in the last one year. The journey which started from 8th November of the year 2020 is making new success in its name. The journey which started with three flights in the initial phase has grown into a series of 18 flights. The number of flights started for Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore was increased in view of the increasing rush of passengers. Now two rounds are being made for these places.

Dharbhanga Airport

But in the meantime, these days it is becoming very popular for travelers to travel from Darbhanga Airport to other metros including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore. The reason is that there is less fare from here as compared to Patna. The second biggest thing is this. That the passengers do not have to face the problem of jam to catch the flight here, which is the main reason for shying away from going to Patna. The location of Darbhanga Airport on National Highway 57 is believed to be the biggest reason for its growing popularity. With this, more than one and a half dozen districts of North Bihar are directly connected.

Dharbhanga Airport

Let us tell you that due to the increase in airfares these days, the burden on the pockets of the passengers is also increasing. At the same time, Darbhanga is attracting a lot of passengers in the passenger fare from the airport. Under the RCS scheme (Regional Connectivity Scheme), the first few passengers traveling from Darbhanga Airport to Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore are being given concession in fare. People are able to book their tickets on base fare. This facility is not available to the passengers at Patna Airport.

Let us inform that to go to Patna from Darbhanga and surrounding areas, people have to bear about five thousand rupees extra. At the same time, to catch the flight, one has to take six to seven hours extra time than the scheduled time. But, to catch a flight from Darbhanga, people neither have to spend so much money, nor does it take so much time. Flight fares from Darbhanga airport are also cheaper for people than from Patna. So, it is becoming the choice of travelers.

Darbhanga Airport to Bangalore Fare: Patna Airport to Bangalore Fare:

1 December 10933 8193
2 December 8150 7511
December 3 7626 7511
4 December 6845 7511
5 December 8364


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