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AAP: Haryana is not releasing sufficient water to Delhi | Latest News Delhi

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government on Saturday alleged that Haryana has released only 840 cusecs of water into the Munak Canal, against the Capital’s share of 1,050 cusecs per day. The AAP said that if the water level in the canal does not increase by Sunday morning, Delhi’s water supply will be adversely affected.

Atishi inspects the Munak canal in Delhi on Saturday. (HT Photo)

In response, the Haryana government accused the AAP of indulging in dirty politics.

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Addressing a press conference, Delhi water minister Atishi claimed that Haryana is not releasing an appropriate amount of water to the Capital.

“According to the data, the amount of water coming through Munak Canal has been continuously decreasing since June 1. On June 7, only 840 cusecs of water came to Delhi from the Munak Canal. The Haryana government is not releasing the water that is due to Delhi. If this situation continues, then there will be a shortage of water in all areas of Delhi in the next two days,” said Atishi.

One cusec is equal to around 1.5 million gallons per day (mgd).

Delhi depends on neighbouring states to meet around 86.5% of its drinking water demand — through the Yamuna, the carrier lined channel (CLC) Munak, and the Delhi sub-branch (DSB) canals from Haryana, and through the Upper Ganga Canal via Muradnagar from Uttar Pradesh.

Atishi said that according to the water agreement between Delhi and Haryana, Haryana has to release 1,050 cusecs of water every day, and even in summer, this should not drop below 990 cusecs.

“But since June 1, the Haryana government has been continuously reducing the water flow, and on June 7, the water was only 840 cusecs. On the one hand, the Supreme Court is trying to solve Delhi’s water problem, and on the other hand the Haryana government is playing dirty politics… If the Haryana government does not release the right amount of water, Delhi’s water problem will become even more serious in the next two days and there will be water shortage in every part of the city. We appeal to the Haryana government that it should not indulge in such dirty politics,” Atishi said.

To be sure, the city’s targeted supply under its summer action plan is 1,000 mgd, but the Delhi economic survey says the estimated demand is 1,290mgd. The demand-supply gap further widens and the system gets under stress during peak summer period. Data from Delhi Jal Board’s (DJB) summer bulletins shows the season’s water supply level dipped to a low of 966.16mgd on May 27. However, over the last four days the supply levels have remained above 1,000mgd.

Responding to Atishi, Haryana chief minister Nayab Singh Saini said the Delhi government is doing politics on water. He said Haryana is releasing water to the Capital according to the agreement on the directions of the Supreme Court.

“Even then they get involved in cheap politics on such issues. During a meeting of the Upper Yamuna River Board attended by bureaucrats from the Union government and the two states, the Delhi officials accepted that Haryana is giving its share of water. We informed that we also have shortage of water, but if Himachal Pradesh agrees to release water, it will be checked,” the Haryana chief minister said.

Responding to the development, Delhi BJP president Virendra Sachdeva said the Arvind Kejriwal government is responsible for the water crisis in Delhi due to its negligent attitude.

“Atishi inspected the Wazirabad barrage yesterday (Friday) and the Munak-Bawana canal today, where she falsely claimed that the Haryana government is not sending enough water. However, she did not mention that silt has not been removed from the Wazirabad barrage for the past ten years, which has reduced its storage capacity,” said Sachdeva.

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