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Delhi man ends up paying ₹50,000 to CA over income tax dispute of 1 rupee: ‘Not joking’ | Trending

Delhi man ends up paying ₹50,000 to CA over income tax dispute of 1 rupee: ‘Not joking’ | Trending

A Delhi man claims he paid 50,000 to a chartered accountant after receiving an Income Tax notice. In the end, he realised the final amount under dispute was a measly sum of Re 1!

A Delhi man ended up paying 50,000 over a tax dispute of Re. 1(Representative Image)

Apoorv Jain took to social media platform X to air his grievance after shelling out half a lakh for a dispute of one rupee. In a discussion where several people rued the complexity of filing taxes, he revealed: “Paid 50000/- fee to CA for a IT notice I received recently wherein the final disputed value turned out to be Re 1/-.”

“I am not joking,” Jain added as a disclaimer for anyone who might think he was not serious.

Take a look at the post below:

Some social media users were stunned by the incident, but others criticised Jain for spending 50,000 as CA fee.

“The state of this department is such that nothing looks like a joke anymore,” wrote one X user.

“Bro, the joke is on you. Better checkout the CA who charges 50k for anything,” another said.

50,000 is too much,” a third person wrote, criticizing the fee structure as absurd.

“Imagine a polka-dotted world where the system is slightly more robust, the babus slightly less corrupt, the common-man slightly less scared, and in this world I might have been able to save 50000/” wrote Jain.

“Several lakhs in the beginning ”

One X user asked Apoorv Jain to specify the amount under dispute at the beginning, reasoning that if it had been 1 rupee from the start, he would have simply paid up rather than involving a CA.

“I knew someone would read my post correctly. Several lakhs in the beginning,” Jain responded.

A taxpayer can receive an income tax notice from the IT department for various reasons like discrepancies in the ITR filed, failure to disclose high-value transactions or a request for additional documents. However, there have been cases of fake income tax notices being sent to individuals over the last few months. It is therefore important that you check the e-filing portal and authenticate the notice before responding to it.

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