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Delhiwale: ‘I loved you more than everyone’ | Latest News Delhi

The gravestones are burning hot, this June afternoon. Strolling in a city graveyard and gazing at the inscriptions on graves is like browsing through a book of prose-poems. Each offering is brief but permeated with lasting sadness. Here is a sample of the very many engraved sentiments commemorating the Delhiwale who have become one with the earth at the Christian Cemetery on Prithviraj Road. Each body of inscribed lines is identified with the person it memorialises:

At the Christian Cemetery on Prithviraj Road. (HT Photo)

I loved you more than everyone, let death not part us.

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—Aman Anthony Choudhary

Dearest “Shona”, who left us suddenly under tragic circumstances on 30th April 1999 to give happiness and laughter in heaven as she did in her short life of 34 years.

—Jessica Lall

Its only those who have lost can tell the pains of parting without farewell.


Our family chain is broken and nothing seems the same but as God calls us one by one the chain will link again.

—Bertha Nair and KPG Nair

You left but we still wait for you, we still hear you call, you didn’t leave alone, Dad, parts of us stay gone. All our words combined, cannot sum up our pain, so we’ll keep you in our hearts, until we meet again.

—Leslie Paul

The parting came so suddenly we cannot understand why, but the saddest part of all is we never said good bye.

—Cam Castelino

A million times we’ve needed you, you never would have died if we could have had a lifetime wish, one dream that could come true, we would pray to God, with all our hearts, for yesterday and you.

—Craig (the first and last names are too faded to be decipherable)

A gentle colossus, President of India; Ma Tint Tint, First Lady of India

— KR Narayanan and Usha Narayanan

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