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Man, son kill daughter, cousin over suspected relationship | Latest News Delhi

Man, son kill daughter, cousin over suspected relationship | Latest News Delhi

In a familial hate crime incident, a 46-year-old man, along with his 20-year-old son, killed his 22-year-old daughter and a 35-year-old cousin over the suspicion of the duo being in a relationship on Tuesday evening in Delhi’s Bhajanpura, the police said.

The father slit the throats of his daughter and cousin, suspecting them to be having an affair. (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

According to the sequence of events shared by the police, the father first tied up his daughter’s limbs with her chunni, slit the throat of his cousin and then attacked his daughter with the knife, killing them both. The deceased were identified as Shaina Qureshi, and Danish Khan, and the accused as Mohd Shahid and his son Kudush Qureshi,who informed the police.

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The father and daughter started fighting when Shahid caught Shaina speaking to Khan on the phone. Shahid and Kudush scolded Shaina and asked her to stop talking to Khan, but she refused to do so. Shaina had come into contact with Khan when he stayed at their home for a few weeks, the police said, adding that they were both unmarried.

“All the family members lived in the same house. A day or two ago, Shaina was talking to Khan over the phone when her father Mohd Shahid caught them. He scolded Shaina and asked her to stop talking to her uncle. As she refused, Shahid planned to kill both Shaina and Khan,” a police officer, requesting anonymity, said.

The incident took place around 4.30pm, when Shahid and Kudush called Khan and Shaina to a room on the pretext of discussing their calls and messages, and attacked them with a knife.

Joy N Tirkey, deputy commissioner of police (northeast), said: “The accused and the deceased are fruit sellers. Shahid suspected his daughter of having an illicit relationship with her uncle. He and his son first tied up Shaina by her limbs. The duo slit Khan’s throat with a fruit-cutting knife. They then slit Shain’s throat.”

The police said that the other family members were outside the room during the incident.

At 4.40pm, Kudush called the police and informed them that he and his father killed his sister and uncle in a fit of rage. “They told us that they wanted to surrender. A team rushed to the spot and found the young woman with a deep wound to her neck. Her hands and feet were tied with a chunni and lungi. Her uncle’s body was lying next to hers. He too had a deep wound on the neck,” Tirkey said.

The police said Shahid lived in the house with his wife, their eight children — of whom Shaina was the second eldest — his siblings and cousins. The family moved to Bhajanpura last September. Kudush, besides helping his father with selling fruits, was doing a course in graphic design.

During questioning, Shahid confessed to the murders and said he was scared of Shaina and Khan eloping.

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