Demand of BJP MLA – Ban on open Namaz in Bihar too, will not allow the country to become Pakistan.



Desk : The politics of Bihar seems to be heating up again, this time the issue is not related to any party but to any religion. Actually, BJP MLA Hari Bhushan Thakur Bachol has demanded CM Nitish, that open Nawaz should be banned in Bihar also on the lines of Haryana.

What kind of worship is this to offer Namaz by blocking the middle of the roads? The BJP MLA said, “There should be a ban on offering open Namaz in Bihar. Haryana CM Manohar Lal Khattar deserves thanks for what he has done. He further said that “Jacking the roads on every Friday of the month, offering Namaz on the road, what kind of worship method is this. If it is a matter of faith, offer Namaz at home or in a mosque. When asked if this will not spoil the atmosphere. If all this is not stopped, then the atmosphere will be bad. 75 years ago India-Pakistan was divided on the basis of religion. But the issue is still there. If we do not take care of it even now, then our progeny will not forgive.

There is a conspiracy to make India into Pakistan Taking his words forward, he said, “CM Nitish does not agree but the whole world is accepting it. Everyone is seeing how the people of Islam are doing. There is an international conspiracy to Islamization. There is a conspiracy to make India Pakistan. There are many people who praise Pakistan by eating India. Not only in Bihar, singing Vande Mataram is avoided. Vande Mataram is the worship of fruits, air, greenery. But they won’t sing. What mentality is this? If this is not stopped in time, the country will suffer a great loss. The BJP MLA again reiterated that the ancestors of 99 percent of the Muslims of the country were Hindus. They are converted. Get a DNA test done


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