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Unleash the power of AI for personalised learning

Unleash the power of AI for personalised learning

Learning is a multifaceted journey that demands strong motivation and self-discipline. By making the learning process interactive, engaging and tailored to the appropriate challenge level, one can sustain the effort, reduce cognitive load, and nurture a continuous learning flow.

Learners do not all start & end simultaneously. Within any group, a spectrum of latent knowledge levels exists, necessitating personalised approach to education. (Handout)

Contrary to conventional wisdom, learners do not all start and end simultaneously. Within any group, a spectrum of latent knowledge levels exists, necessitating a personalised approach to education. This involves assessing each learner’s starting point and providing content that strategically challenges them beyond their current abilities. Moreover, this empowers learners to choose non-linear and multi-modally learning paths, incorporating audio, video, diagrams, case studies, and examples to align with individual knowledge, motivation, pace, and preferences. This personalised approach is crucial for adapting education to cater to every student’s unique needs, abilities, and interests.

Maximising Personalised Learning with AI Insights

Personalised learning predominantly relies on conversational interfaces, often leveraging prompt-tuned versions of foundation models tailored for tutoring. Major players in the generative AI space have recognised the need for fine-tuned models specific to teaching and learning to simulate real-time one-on-one interactions. Deep Knowledge Tracing (DKT) algorithms dynamically track students’ evolving understanding. Integrating fine-tuned models with DKT algorithms is key to achieving hyper-personalized learning.

Tracking learning events throughout the learning journey is critical to this process, as it provides insights into learner behaviour. As learning becomes increasingly digital, data from these systems will enhance the accuracy of these models, enabling AI tutors to effectively serve as teaching assistants.

AI Advancements Transforming Education

Innovations in AI have transformed educational practices, exemplified by platforms such as Khanamigo, which offer AI-based tutoring services. Students can grapple with complex concepts more effectively through real-time feedback and clarification. Additionally, tools like Uplimit showcase AI’s role in content creation, streamlining the process by aligning course content with learning objectives and generating assessments.

As AI technology matures, its support for educators continues to expand. Platforms like aid teachers in lesson planning and understanding student knowledge gaps, while TeachFX provides valuable feedback through class recordings. Graide further streamlines the evaluation process, freeing educators’ time for personalised student interactions.

Embracing AI in Education: Shifting Paradigms

The emergence of AI has prompted a shift in attitudes towards educational technology. Despite initial concerns over academic integrity, students have embraced platforms like ChatGPT, leading educators to recognise their potential.

This shift necessitates re-evaluating traditional teaching methods, with educators adapting to democratised access to AI tools. With AI becoming increasingly accessible, educators must revise their approach to teaching, encouraging higher-order thinking skills rather than focusing solely on tasks AI can already accomplish.

This evolution has led to platforms like “AI for Education,” which educate teachers on effectively integrating AI tools into their pedagogical practices. Ultimately, AI promises to deliver personalised learning experiences at scale, transforming education by placing a personal tutor in every student’s pocket.

(Viswanath Subramaniam is VP and Domain Head of EdTech at Happiest Minds. Views expressed are personal.)

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