Electric train will soon run between these two stations of Bihar, may also get the gift of a new train


Electric train will run soon on Katihar-Jogbani rail line. The electrification work of 108 km railway line will be completed by March. After the completion of electrification work, Seemanchal is also expected to get the gift of new trains. At present, apart from Seemanchal Express going to Delhi in the name of express train, there is only Hate Bazar and Jogbani-Kolkata Express. The special thing is that running electric train will also save time in traveling from long distance to short distance.

Local trains from Purnia will also reduce the distance between Katihar and Jogbani. Ten minutes people will reach the destination already. Here, electrification work is going on in full swing from Purnia Court railway station to Madhepura. This work will also be completed from January to February. After this, electric trains will also run between Purnia to Madhepura and Saharsa, which will make the movement of people easy. People are eagerly waiting for new trains on this route too. Let us inform that earlier there was a shorter line on the Katihar-Jogbani rail section. The big line was formed a decade ago. Similarly, the construction of a big line on the Purnia-Saharsa route was also done a decade ago.

Do Jodi Local, Teen Jodi Express

Purnia is facing a shortage of trains. At present only two pairs of local and three pairs of express trains are running through Purnia railway junction. Seemanchal Express travels daily to Delhi via Purnia. Hate Bazar travels from Saharsa to Kolkata via Purnia twice a week. Jogbani-Kolkata is also two days a week. There are only two pairs of local trains between Katihar-Jogbani. Before Corona, seven pairs of trains used to run.

Ease of transportation of goods

After the completion of electrification work, the movement of goods at the rack point will also not take much time. There will be facility in sending and bringing goods from rake points built at Sarsi, Ranipatra, Garhbaneli and other railway stations in Purnia. Goods trains will also run after completion of electrification work. The foot over bridge at Purnia Court railway station is also benefiting the people crossing the track apart from the passengers.


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