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Delhi NCR’s Yamuna Expressway is about to become India’s first electric vehicle corridor. According to the information, necessary trials have been completed for this. Let us tell you that the service of charging station, service and support center will be available here for electric vehicle and a survey has also been done by a company to find out the needs. According to the same news, work will start on the project to make Yamuna Expressway an electric vehicle corridor from December 20. According to the information, in May this year, a trial run of the electric vehicle was done from India Gate to Agra via Yamuna Expressway.

Let us tell you that the Advance Services of Doing Business Program company, which has surveyed about electric vehicles in Delhi-NCR, has told in its report that Yamuna Expressway will have at least 10 electric charging stations. The same one each on Agra and Greater Noida side and 4-4 charging stations will be built on both sides of Yamuna Expressway. According to the information, after the completion of this project, you will be able to charge your electric car or scooty-bike while shopping or watching a movie. Along with this, the central government is working on a similar plan to set up electric charging stations. Simultaneously, there are plans to set up 00 similar electric vehicle charging stations in Greater Noida.

According to the information, the charging fee of electric vehicle will be Rs 4.5 per unit from low-tension line and Rs 5 per unit for high-tension. This is the lowest tariff price in India. With this price, service charge will be added based on the charging facility. The charging charges for the same electric vehicle will be Rs 4.5 per unit for low-tension and Rs 5 per unit for high-tension. At the same time, along with charging facility, service charge will also have to be paid.


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