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Ethanol will now be produced on a large scale in Bihar. For this, closed sugar mills will be opened. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said at a high-level meeting of the Industries Department that new sugar mills would also be set up. Clearing the way for the production of ethanol will attract large scale investors and also generate employment opportunities in the state. Minister Shahnawaz Hussain as well as senior officers of the department were present in the high level meeting of the Industries Department. Along with sugarcane, production of ethanol from maize was also discussed in the meeting. In the meeting, along with the establishment of ethanol production unit, the establishment of new sugar mill and other potential industries were also discussed.

According to the information, the Bihar government is going to take a big step to speed up ethanol production. For this, Sidhawalia Sugar Mill in Gopalganj district will be set up as an ethanol plant. While the start of this plant will increase the income of the farmers, on the other hand other people will also get employment opportunities. It is being told that it will be launched from the month of December. Along with this, 75 thousand liters of ethanol will be produced daily here.

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Let us tell you that the cost of this newly built plant is being told at Rs 150 crore. Along with this, this resolution has also been passed in the recently concluded cabinet meeting of the Bihar government. Along with this, a target has been set to produce continuously here for the next 15 months. By the way, one thing is clear to me that after the start of this ethanol plant, Bihar will also move ahead in the industrial sector.


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