From Software Engineer to CEO of Twitter, Know who is Parag Agarwal



India-born Twitter’s Chief Technology Officer Parag Agarwal will be the new CEO of Twitter. After the resignation of Jack Dorsey, he has been appointed CEO of the company. With this Parag joins the long list of leading Indian-born personalities. After becoming the new boss of Twitter, he expressed happiness by tweeting. Some information about Parag, an alumnus of IIT Bombay.

Parag Agarwal tweeted, “I am honored and grateful and I am grateful for your (Jack Dorsey) continued advice and friendship. I am grateful for the service and purpose you have created, which you instilled among us and led the company through significant challenges.”

Twitter’s new CEO Parag Agarwal has been associated with Twitter for the past decade. He joined Twitter as a specialized software engineer and then became the Chief Technology Officer. Prior to Twitter, Parag Agarwal worked with Microsoft, Yahoo and AT&T Labs.

Parag Agarwal did his B Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Bombay and completed his PhD from Stanford University. According to PeopleAI, Parag Agarwal has an estimated net worth of $1.52 million. Parag Agarwal previously headed Twitter’s BlueSky, which aimed to create an open and decentralized standard for social media.

Parag Agarwal comes close to Dorsey. The board unanimously appointed Parag Agarwal as CEO after a complicated process considering all options.

Dorsey said in his e-mail, “He (Parag Agarwal) has been my pick for some time, given how deeply he understands the company and its needs. Parag has been behind every important decision that has helped this company rise to its heights. He is inquisitive, inquisitive, rational, creative, aware and humble. He moves with heart and soul and he is someone I learn from everyday. My trust in him is very deep as our CEO.”



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