From today, these 46 trains running from Bihar, Jharkhand and UP have been cancelled, changes have also been made in the trips of many trains.



Fog has started wreaking havoc on trains passing through Bihar, Jharkhand and UP. Due to fog, operation of 23 pairs (46) trains from East Central Railway has been canceled. These trains will remain canceled from 1st December 2021 to 1st March 2022. Some trains will be partially terminated and started.

Apart from this, the working days of 21 pairs (42) trains have been reduced. Rajesh Kumar, Chief Public Relations Officer of East Central Railway gave this information. Howrah Mathura Express leaving Howrah from 3rd December to 25th February will be partially terminated at Agra Cantt. That is, this train will remain canceled between Agra Cantt and Mathura.

Mathura Howrah Express, which will leave from Mathura from 6 December to 28 February, will be partially started from Agra Cantt. That is, this train will remain canceled between Mathura and Agra Cantt. Some trains will also run on the converted route, mainly the Patna Kota Patna Express.

These trains were canceled

  • 11306/ 11105 Jhansi Kolkata Jhansi 3 December to 27 February
  • 15624 /15623 Kamakhya Bhagat Ki Kothi Kamakhya from December 3 to March 1
  • 15903 /15904 Dibrugarh Chandigarh Dibrugarh 6 December to 2 March
  • 12529 /12530 Patliputra Lucknow Patliputra 1st December to 28th February
  • 15162 / 15161 Banaras Muzaffarpur Banaras 1 December to 28 February
  • 1404 /14003 New Delhi Malda Town New Delhi 2 December to 1 March
  • 12988 /12987 Ajmer Sealdah Ajmer 1 December to 1 March
  • 12325 /12326 Kolkata Nangal Dam Kolkata Express 2nd December to 26th February
  • 12357/ 12358 Kolkata Amritsar Kolkata 30 November to 28 February
  • 13429/ 13430 Malda Town Anand Vihar Malda Town 3rd December to 26th February
  • 12583 /12385 Hatia Anand Vihar Hatia 1 December to 28 February
  • 12585 /12586 Anand Vihar Santragachi Anand Vihar 6 December to 1 March
  • 18103/ 18104 Tata Amritsar Tata 1 December to 2 March
  • 15707 /15708 Katihar Amritsar Katihar Express from 1st December to 3rd March
  • 15955 /15956 Kamakhya Delhi Kamakhya 1 December to 2 March
  • 14534 /14533 Ambala Cantt Barauni Ambala Cantt 4th December to 28th February
  • 14006 / 14005 Anand Vihar Sitamarhi Anand Vihar 1 December to 2 March
  • 14674 / 14673 Amritsar Jaynagar Amritsar 3 December to 28 February
  • 15624/ 15623 Kamakhya Bhagat Ki Kothi Kamakhya from December 3 to March 1
  • 12177/ 12178 Howrah Mathura Howrah 3rd December to 28th February
  • 12873 /12874 Hatia Anand Vihar Hatia 30 November to 1 March
  • 22857 /22858 Santragachi Anand Vihar Santragachi 6 December to 1 March
  • 18103 / 18104 Tata Amritsar Tata 29 November to 2 March

21 pairs of trains including Patna to Howrah and Ranchi Jan Shatabdi canceled on different dates

Announced reduction in operating days of 21 pairs of trains. In these trains, mainly Howrah Patna Howrah Jan Shatabdi will not run on Thursday. Whereas Patna Ranchi Patna Jan Shatabdi will not run on Friday. Rajendra Nagar Terminal New Delhi will run on Wednesday while New Delhi Rajendra Nagar Terminal Express will not run on Thursday. Similarly, Gaya New Delhi Mahabodhi will run on Monday while New Delhi Gaya will not run on Tuesday. Patna Kota will not run on Friday, while Kota Patna will not run on Saturday. Similarly, a total of 21 pairs of trains will not run on different days. The operating days of these trains have been reduced so that the train can operate properly.



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