Half of the country’s population is not safe! Khaki will be deployed everywhere for women’s safety



News Desk: There is a debate about women’s safety in the country. Recently, it was directed by the Supreme Court to take strict steps regarding the safety of women. Now in this sequence, the Patna High Court has also directed to strengthen the system for the safety of women in public places in the state under the judicial order passed after considering it. Safety of women in public places has become a serious problem. The way the negative aspect about this is happening in the people towards women. It cannot be denied. Along with this, the insensitivity of the people in such incidents is also clearly seen.

A tough decision was taken in view of the increasing insecurity of women The Patna High Court, showing strictness, has directed the Police Station Officer, Zonal Police Inspector, Sub-Divisional Police Officer and Superintendent of Police to depute women policemen to all the regional officers. Along with this, instructions have been given like marking the places to keep a sharp eye on the crimes, publicizing the number of the police station officers in public with the help of print and electronic media. In order to follow the instructions properly, this order has been given by the Deputy Inspector General of Police of the state by the order and welfare division in the Bihar Police Headquarters. For the increasing problems with women, all the rules and regulations often remain as paperwork. Neither the thinking of the people nor the attitude changes. In such a situation, now how the orders of the Patna High Court will be followed will be an important issue.


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