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5 best bits from Ryan Gosling’s The Tonight Show appearance: From talking about daughters to hosting SNL | Hollywood

Ryan Gosling was back on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this week and addressed a bunch of topics. From his talking about his upcoming hosting gig on SNL, to his daughters’ reactions to his Barbie role and Academy Awards‘ I’m Just Ken performance, these were the best bits from the episode:

Ryan Gosling on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Ken takes over Oscars!

When Jimmy read out a bunch of positive reviews for his I’m Just Ken performance during the recent Academy Awards ceremony, Ryan joked, ” “Imagine the reviews I would have had if I’d had The Roots.” Ryan was joking about the band, The Roots.

Amada and Esmeralda love Ken?

Ryan Gosling also talks about wanting his children to understand the effort behind his performances, reflecting on the blend of his personal and professional lives. “I wanted them to come to the dress rehearsal, just to give it some kind of context for what had been going on,” he said. “They know all the choreography better than I do,” he said about his daughters. He is married to Eva Mendes.

Nervous for SNL

Ryan revealed that he was more nervous about his SNL appearance this time than ever. He mentioned how he always gets called out for breaking character during sketches and how he laughs too much, like host Jimmy.

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Zen Emily Blunt

Ryan also spoke about his The Fall Guy co-star Emily Blunt and how ‘unflappable’ she is. He mentioned the chaos that ensued on set during a stormy day but when he approached Emily, she was in her trailer, meditating with a lit candle and the Headspace app on speaker. “I was like ‘Emily you gotta go,’ and she was meditating… ‘Ryan, I’ll be fine.'”

Surprise opportunities

Jimmy told Ryan about one of Barbie director Greta Gerwig’s interviews in which she spoke about imagining Ryan as Ken after watching him in an SNL sketch. “Who would have thought that Greta Gerwig was watching that going like, ‘That’s my Ken,’” he said.

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