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How OJ Simpson cheated victim families out of millions with cash-only schemes | Hollywood

O.J. Simpson’s death has stirred the entertainment industry, and his assets have become a topic of debate in the Tinsel town. However, the leftover legacy of the fallen NFL player is tarnished by allegations that he used a ring of all-cash business deals to hide proceeds from the families of his victims, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman, right up until his death. According to reports, Simpson still owed a massive amount of money to the families at the time of his passing.

Just days after the 25th anniversary of the gruesome double murder of which he was accused but acquitted, OJ Simpson has opened a Twitter account with a vow to do “a little getting even.”(AFP)

OJ Simpson’s all-cash business deals

O. J. Simpson has passed away at age 76, leaving many to wonder what his remaining fortune is. In 1997, O. J. Simpson had most of his assets confiscated after a civil trial in which he was found guilty of killing his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. The civil case resulted in the awarding of $33. 5 million to Ron Goldman’s and Nicole Brown Simpson’s families, but none of that money was ever received, Page Six reported.

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The outlet reports that following his prison release in 2017 on an unrelated charge, Simpson made a decent amount of money by doing private autograph signings, asking hefty sums for podcast appearances, and even charging people to play golf with him. Reports allege he orchestrated a series of all-cash business deals, potentially diverting millions of dollars away from the families of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

‘O. J. Simpson never paid a penny to the victim’s family

“He would sign anything except anything that had to do with the trial or murder,” The stipulation was always that he had to be paid in cash.” A source told Pagesix. Reports further claimed, “he had only paid $123,000 of the balance.”

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Now that he has passed away, there is speculation that the fate of the victims’ families might change, as any remaining assets could potentially be used to compensate them. These assets reportedly include real estate holdings in Florida, a state known for its debtor-friendly laws.

“It increases by 10 per cent every year,” Fred Goldman, father of Ron Goldman told the Hollywood reporter back in 2022. “It’s a ridiculous number, none of which has ever appeared. [Simpson] never paid one single penny. Anything that we were able to take was through our own efforts of taking things away from him.” He added.

While Simpson probably did everything in his power to avoid paying a dime to any of the victim’s family, an estate administrator will now determine where that money goes.

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