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Sydney Sweeney reveals Rosemary’s Baby inspired Immaculate, dad introduced her to horror genre | Hollywood

Sydney Sweeney reveals Rosemary’s Baby inspired Immaculate, dad introduced her to horror genre | Hollywood

Sydney Sweeney‘s Immaculate is out now and Drew Barrymore is already a fan. Sydney appeared on Drew’s chat show recently and spoke about the film. Drew praised the film throughout, comparing it to horror classic Rosemary’s Baby. (Also read: Sydney Sweeney squashes rumours that she is cast in a new movie with Johnny Depp)

Sydney Sweeney has starred in and produced Immaculate.

Drew’s high praise

Drew said, “This is the first thing I’ve seen that brings me back to like a Rosemary’s Baby. And is it true that your dad was actually a fan of that film?” Sydney replied, “He introduced me to the horror genre because he was a fan of horror films, loved horror films. Like Halloween is his favourite holiday. Rosemary’s Baby was one of our biggest draws of inspiration for Immaculate.”

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Drew continued praising the film, “You can say whatever you want I don’t want to give anything away because I went in not exactly knowing and I was so shocked along the way I did not see any of the things coming and I certainly did not see that ending coming it is…I’m not spoiling a thing. Just trust me. This film is such a surprise and delight in the most horrifying scary terrifying way.”

About Immaculate

Immaculate is a horror film starring Sydney Sweeney as an American nun at a remote Italian convent. The film, released by Neon following a premiere at SXSW, debuted with $5.4 million on 2,354 screens in North America. Sweeney’s ascending star power helped make Anyone But You one of the most successful rom-coms in years. But Immaculate, an independent production that cost less than $10 million make, isn’t getting the same bounce.

“The movie features the popular Sydney Sweeney, but horror movies are not cast-driven,” wrote David A. Gross for the consulting firm Franchise Entertainment Research. “They’re driven by the hook: the evil doll, the wicked smile, the invisible or silent presence, the found footage, the possessed child. That’s what terrifies the horror crowd. The hook is not completely clear here.”

Sydney broke out with HBO hit series Euphoria. She plays Cassie on the show that also stars Zendaya, Jacob Elordi and others.

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