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‘Top tier entertainment’: Kevin Hart matches Kai Cenat’s explosive energy; breaks down his viral meme, roasts T-Pain | Hollywood

‘Top tier entertainment’: Kevin Hart matches Kai Cenat’s explosive energy; breaks down his viral meme, roasts T-Pain | Hollywood
‘Top tier entertainment’: Kevin Hart matches Kai Cenat’s explosive energy; breaks down his viral meme, roasts T-Pain | Hollywood

Seeing Kevin Hart and Twitch star Kai Cenat together was probably not on your 2024 bingo, but it’s now one of the ambitious crossovers that no one saw coming. The latter welcomed the comedian and actor for his latest collaboration, leaving the streaming platform and social media in splits with their hilariously chaotic antics. What was possibly the most unexpected collaboration a day ago is now the one thing that somehow united all strands of the Internet under the shared comical uproar.

Kevin Hart and Kai Cenat(X/Twitter)

Despite the vast generational gap between the two public figures, which was evidently palpable as soon as one jumped into their video, Hart seamlessly matched Kai’s rambunctiously contagious spirit. The two exchanged gifts and laughs, with one even roasting the other occasionally, as they opened a fairly unfamiliar chapter to the beloved and “Seriously Funny” Kevin Hart—online streaming.

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Kai Cenat and Kevin Hart’s Twitch collaboration

Cenat’s May 24 stream featuring Hart even amassed over 300,000 live viewers at one time, making it one of his most-watched broadcasts. The two had absolutely no reason to break the ice because they were on the same page from the word go. Bewildered by the livestream setup, Hart found a mentor in Kai Cenat, who broke down the salient know-how about streaming culture in his characteristically hilarious ways.

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Before they dove into anything more profoundly intricate, Kai gifted Hart a stepping stool, and comical antics, fuelled by sarcasm, ensued

Hart’s joint broadcast with Cenat clearly marked his entry point into the world of Twitch streaming. As he kept checking off his questions list, netizens particularly found Cenat’s teaching moment while explaining the subbing process, a timeless piece of comedy.

Kevin Hart roasts T-Pain, drags him for being “cheap”

Eliciting endless spells of laughs from the viewers, Hart eventually warmed up to the new lessons. At one point, he even roasted rapper T-Pain for being “cheap” and only gifting Kenat 50 subs as he noticed someone else helping the Twitch star to more subs than the artist who once ironically featured on a track called “Bag of Money.”

On seeing another viewer gift Kenal 100 subs, Kevin explosively called out T-Pain, “What the f*ck was that? You cheap, piece of sh*t T-Pain. Do another 50 man, I can see it in real-time.” Even Kai couldn’t stop himself from erupting into laughter.

The legendary ‘Hands Up’ Kevin Hart meme decoded

The unlikely duo also played What’s in the Box and busted a move or two to groovy beats. The new-age Jumanji star then deciphered the backstory behind his iconic ‘Hands Up’ meme.

In what is being branded the “greatest stream ever” or the “best collab of 2024,” Hart finally revealed the context of the legendary meme, which goes on to prove that he’s “just living.”

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Kevin Hart reacts to Kai Cenat being rejected by Tyla

Cenat eventually got in the mood for some self-deprecating comedy and played a clip from his previous collab with R&B singer Tyla. While the content creator tried his hand at asking out the Water songstress, Hart had to take a moment to process what went down.

As he channelled his inner Kai Cenat, Kevin asked Kai to pause the video. Quipping at Cenat’s epic fail, which he found amusing, the comedian impersonated the Twitch star while he rolled on the floor, laughing quite literally.

Suffice it to say that their collab progressively escalated into a side-splitting affair that was too funny for words and had netizens “in tears.” While some viewers happily dubbed Hart Cenat’s uncle, some labelled them the “coolest father-son duo.”

From matching heights to Kevin Hart leaving Kai speechless with his rapping skills, the “top tier entertainment” indisputably blessed viewers with the sight of a duo they didn’t know they needed, but were left wanting more of. X/Twitter showered them extra love, while some appreciated Kai on YouTube for his “way of making a grown man feel comfortable enough to just be a kid again and have fun.”

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