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What does Bianca Censori’s family think of Kanye West? Angelina Censori breaks silence, says ‘we all..’ | Hollywood

Model Angelina Censori, Bianca Censori’s sister, recently opened up on her sister’s whirlwind romance and marriage to Kanye West, dismissing rising concerns about their relationship. Calling recent reports “bulls**t,” Angelina told the Herald Sun, “We all support him [West]. We support his new album. We support his new clothes he’s dropping.”

Kanye West with his ‘wife’ Bianca Censori(Getty Images)

Angelina Censori drops the truth bomb on Kanye West

There have been several allegations since Ye and Bianca tied the knot in 2022 that Bianca’s family is concerned about the Vultures crooner’s controlling behaviour. An insider reported that Bianca’s father is worried that his son-in-law is turning his daughter into a “trashy-looking marketable commodity” with “shockingly risqué and half-naked looks.”

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Insiders also claimed that Censori’s father is keen on confronting the rapper for putting his daughter in X-rated clothing. Other reports suggested that Bianca’s family is “hurting,” watching their loved one being paraded around like a “trophy pony.” Kanye has also been accused of “shutting her out” from her family in Australia.

Angelina also revealed that Bianca’s mother recently spent time with her in Los Angeles. “It was nice, she spent some time listening to parties and stuff.” Calling her sister her “best friend and confidante,” the model denied any truth to the above-mentioned claims. Page Six notes that Kanye’s insistence on being referred to as “Ye” and Bianca’s racy outfits are perceived as “performance arts.”

Last year, after Ye posted half-naked pictures of Bianca on Instagram, her parents aired their concerns online. Her mother, Alexandra, was said to have left “distressed,” with insiders claiming, “Her family and friends are mortified because it just keeps getting worse and worse.”

“Bianca clearly doesn’t realise that what she wore isn’t only disgusting and setting a bad example, but she is also potentially breaking the law,” Bianca’s parents told MailOnline. “Meanwhile, Kanye is covered up in five layers of clothes, and when his wife looked chilly while naked and wrapped in plastic, he didn’t so much as offer her one of his capes.”

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